Basic Knowledge of Adhesive Tape 2

Basic Knowledge of Adhesive Tape 2

News 09 Mar 2021

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1.Structure and composition of double sided tape.

Double sided tape is most commonly seen in the ordinary life. As you noticed, the double sided tape is usually divided into 4 layers. Release paper, inner adhesive layer, substrate, and outer adhesive layer.

2.Categories of each layer

Adhesive is basically divided into 3 categories in double sided tape application: acrylic adhesive, natural rubber adhesive and synthetic rubber.
Substrate categories are more various, such as polymer film, non-woven fabric, foam, woven fabric and transfer(non-substrate).
Release paper is also divided into 3 kinds, glassine paper, coated paper and polymer film.

3.Types and features of each layer

Adhesive layer

1)Acrylic adhesive

Advantages: Anti-aging, weather resistant, temperature resistant, higher shear resistance at high temperatures and better adhesion to the polar surfaces.

Disadvantages: Low initial tack, high cost and poor adhesion to non-polar surface.

2)Natural rubber

Advantages: High shearing force in high temperature, sturdily adherable to various surface and sticky initial tack.

Disadvantages: higher cost, poor anti-aging and poor solvent resistant.

3)Synthetic rubber

Advantages: Low cost and excellent adhesion to various materials.

Disadvantages: Poor temperature resistant, poor anti-aging and poor weather resistant.

Substrate layer

1)Polymer layer(PET, PP, PVC)

Advantages: Dimensionally stable, strong tear-resistance, suitable for die cutting and automatic processing, excellent temperature resistance and insulation.

Disadvantages: Low elasticity(PET), anti-plasticizer.

2)Non-woven fabric

Advantages: Excellent confirmability, transparent and good temperature resistant. 

Disadvantages: tearable.


Advantages: Good cushioning, balance tension and fill uneven surface.

Disadvantages: Have to meet the size requirements.

4)Woven fabric

Advantages: Good confirmability, reinforce tape’s strength and anti-tearing

Disadvantages: anti-elastic and high cost.


Advantages: Excellent confirmability, elastic adhesive layer, low cost and not easy to wrap.

Disadvantages: Transparent.

Release layer

PP film is excellent in humid-resistance, elongation to breakdown, automatic processing and transparent aspects.

Glassine paper is good in cost and tearing applications.

PE coated paper is superior in humidity resistance, die cutting, automatic processing, tearing applications.

4.External influence factors in adhesive tape applications.

1)External force

Peeling forces(Polar materials, non-polar materials and rough surface materials), initial tack, initial and final peeling force, top shearing force, shear resistance(dynamic/static), tensile strength and shockproof.

2)Processing treatment

Die cutting features, tear resistance(machining), elasticity, fluidity, dissociation performance, re-positioning feature, no residual adhesive, reusable.

3)Environmental impact

Solvent, humidity, moisture, plasticizer, sunshine(UV), aging.

4)Temperature impact

High temperature resistance(short/long period), low temperature resistance, shear resistance after heating.


Colors, transparent, odors, thickness/tolerance, stuffing, fogging and insulation.

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