How to buy double sided duct tape?

How to buy double sided duct tape?

News 20 May 2021

Generally speaking, the double sided duct tape products produced by regular manufacturers are qualified and have no peculiar smell. The poor quality double sided duct tape generally has a peculiar smell, and its retention is very poor, especially in a low temperature environment, the tape is very easy to crack and quickly lose its adhesion, this kind of tape is definitely a defective product.

The color of defective double sided duct tape will be much darker than qualified tape, and when touched by hand, generally defective tape will be harder, and since the film is compared, the actual number of meters will definitely be reduced. Good double sided duct tapes have softer films and good tensile properties. Therefore, the brightness and thickness of the tape film are very important, and must be carefully checked when purchasing.

The whiter the appearance of the double sided duct tape, the less the impurities of the tape, so as to ensure the normal adhesiveness. The tape products below 100 meters have a certain degree of transparency and the paper tube can be seen. The defective tape is generally yellowish, and irregular white spots are scattered on the surface. When squeezed by hand, there will be impurities or dry glue marks that cannot be removed. The manufacturing process of defective double sided duct tape must be very rough, so the color of the tape will definitely be yellowish. Therefore, when purchasing double sided duct tape, you must pay attention to the above items and check carefully.

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