How to judge the quality of pvc electrical tape?

How to judge the quality of pvc electrical tape?

News 06 Apr 2021

The full name of pvc electrical tape is PVC electrical insulation adhesive tape, also known as electrical insulation tape or insulation tape. Generally, there are three types of electrical insulating tape, one is insulating black tape, the second is PVC electrical flame-retardant tape, and the third is high-voltage self-adhesive tape. Each of the three tapes has its own characteristics and functions. Therefore, when choosing electrical insulating tape, how to judge its quality?

Classification of pvc electrical tape.

The first is insulating black tape, which has good insulation properties, but is neither flame-retardant nor waterproof. It is currently only used in some civil building electrical appliances.

The second type is PVC electrical flame-retardant tape, which has three functions of insulation, flame-retardant, and waterproof, but because it is a PVC raw material, it has poor ductility and cannot wrap the joints tightly. Currently it is widely used.

The third type is high-voltage self-adhesive tape, which is generally used in higher voltages. Because of its good ductility and better waterproof performance than PVC electrical flame-retardant tape, people use it in the low-voltage category. Because its strength is a little worse than PVC electrical flame retardant tape, people like to use these two tapes together.

The quality of pvc electrical tape is distinguished.

First of all, check whether the appearance is flawed, whether the tape is rewinding for compliance, whether there are burrs in slitting, and whether the tape raw materials are smooth. However, there are many varieties of electrical insulation tape, so in most cases, it depends on its application.

Secondly, look at the glue situation of the tape. At present, most glues are developing towards environmental protection. If the smell is pungent, it is more likely to be defective. Of course, this does not refer to all tapes. Look at whether the tape is anti-adhesive when it is pulled down and used. After use, tear it off to see if there is any residual glue. If the residual glue is on the product, this is a defective tape. The detection of tape is similar, mainly depending on the condition of the adhesive. The poor quality tape will look sticky after a period of time after being wrapped, while the good quality tape will not show this problem. 

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