How to use PVC electrical tape correctly?

How to use PVC electrical tape correctly?

News 26 Feb 2021

As the most commonly used material in the decoration of circuits, PVC electrical tape can play a good role in insulation, winding, wrapping, and binding in various circuits and circuits. So, how to use PVC electrical tape correctly?

The main function of PVC electrical tape is to protect the circuit and circuit, such as insulation, binding and fixing, so it is necessary to highlight its protective function when using electrical tape. The correct use method is determined according to the specific protection function and the type of power cord connector. However, in general, the correct use of electrical tape is as follows:

1. Clarify the starting point of wrapping electrical tape:

It is very important to have a clear starting point for the wrapping of PVC electrical tape. For example, if the starting point of electrical tape is not well selected, it will not only cause wasteful use of electrical tape, but may also affect its final effect. Generally speaking, the starting point of the wrapping of PVC electrical tape should be 1-2 cm where the copper wire or aluminum wire is exposed in the circuit.

2. Clarify the winding method of electrical tape:

Different line joints have different ways of winding electrical tape. According to the connection method of the line, the winding methods of PVC electrical tape include "ten" winding connection, "one" winding connection, and "T" winding connection. Therefore, we must pay attention to the corresponding winding method before winding the electrical tape.

PVC electrical tape

3. Perform winding operations correctly according to the winding method of electrical tape:

The electrician can only carry out the winding operation after clarifying the wrapping starting point and winding method of the PVC electrical tape, and must pay attention to the correct winding method during the winding process.

Take the "one" line connector as an example. When using PVC tape, after ensuring that the beginning of the PVC tape is flat, wind it from the cross end of the wiring diagram to the other end, and try to make the PVC electrical tape firmly Winding on the line. Ensure that the PVC electrical tape will not loosen or loosen during the effective period of use after use.

4. Matters needing attention when winding electrical tape:

PVC electrical tape cannot be directly applied to the line joints when it is wound. PVC electrical tape is generally used in conjunction with electrical insulating black tape. Generally, when winding, use electrical insulating black tape to wrap 2-3 layers on the wire head first, and then use electrical tape to wind 2-3 layers again, and repeat the winding twice to complete the winding operation. At the same time, the strength of the winding should be maintained as much as possible during the winding process to ensure that the PVC electrical tape will not stretch or peel off.

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