Introduction of common electronics tapes

Introduction of common electronics tapes

News 16 Aug 2021

Common electronics tapes are as follows:

1. Electrical tape

Many electronics products are small in size and are prone to problems such as voltage and short circuit. Electronics tape with discharge, maintenance and grounding functions is a necessary condition for the normal operation of electronic products and provides guarantees for users. The bonding function of these functional electronics tapes is as reliable as other tapes, and they can balance potential, release static electricity, and safely connect metal conductive tapes and housing parts. This kind of electronics tape is especially suitable for the electronic field, but also because of its ultra-thin thickness can be used in almost any area and design.

2. Ringing tape

The tape is not only visible, but also audible. It can be done by using the extremely divergent and intertwined acrylic molecular chains in the adhesive. This kind of electronics tape is mostly used in the production of miniature speakers in mobile phones. It can not only transmit voice, but also perfectly reproduce the ever-changing accents and sounds. Acrylic adhesive is applied between the upper and lower high-function films of the electronics tape to form a three-layer structure.

3. Anti-counterfeiting tape

Electronics tape can not only bond the components that belong to each other, the special self-adhesive electronics tape label can even clearly point out what belongs to whom, and clarify the authenticity of the product. At present, high-tech can use lasers to write four layers of information on electronics tape. This unique electronics tape not only carries visible information, but also contains information that can only be read by special reading equipment, which is truly anti-counterfeiting. Effect.

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