PVC Blue Protection Tape

PVC Blue Protection Tape

Application 23 Nov 2020

blue protection tape

PVC blue protection tape is high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no glue residue, great adhesion and easy to peel off. It’s made of PVC film coated with acrylic or rubber adhesive. It has high brightness and reflective features. It is commonly known as mirror effect. It’s mainly used as protection film in multiple industries. 

Hardware protection:PVC blue protection tape is used to prevent hardware from dust and vapor, and being vulnerable to rust and corrode.
Instrumentation protection: Instrumentation which is not in use for long, will be sealed with PVC blue protection tape to prevent insect and dust from entering.

PCB protection: PCB electroplating board use PVC blue protection tape keep dust and moisture away, and due to the feature of high temperature resistance, PVC blue tape increases service life of the adherend.

Equipment protection: PVC blue tape used for dust proof when the equipment is standing still, anti-static and scratch-proof during the transportation.

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