PVC electrical tape quality identification?

PVC electrical tape quality identification?

News 11 Mar 2021

The initial viscosity of pvc electrical tape is very high, leading some customers to think that the PVC electrical tape with such a good adhesion must be very good, but after using it for a long time, they will find that these PVC electrical tapes will leak and glue.

Stretching PVC electrical tape, first of all depends on its toughness, that is, the stretchable length. Good PVC electrical tape has very good toughness. As long as you don’t necessarily want to break it, gently pull it down and it will recover. of.

Adhesive: Cut out the PVC electrical tape 5cm long, and glue the tape about 100 times to see if the glue is drawn. The less the number of adhesives, the more serious the drawing is. When the weather is hot, it is easy to leak and deform. Phenomenon, this kind of tape is too sticky as mentioned above. After the water in this kind of water-based glue evaporates, its viscosity will become smaller and smaller.

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The advantages of PVC electrical tape are still very obvious. Firstly, look at whether there are defects, whether the tape is rewinding, whether there are burrs on the slit, and whether the tape is smooth or not.

Looking at the glue again, most of the glue has now evolved to environmental protection. The taste is very important. If it is pungent, it is more likely to be defective (not referring to all tapes), and whether the tape is anti-adhesive when it is pulled down and used. After use, is there any residual glue after tearing it off? If the residual glue is on the product, this is the fatal point of the defective tape.

The PVC material is basically the same. The main thing is to look at the glue. After the poor quality tape is wrapped for a period of time, and then unwrap it, you can see that the glue and the PVC material are separated, which looks sticky, while the good quality PVC electrical tape will not This problem occurs.

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