Shuo Cheng Group’s spirit-Explore Never Ending

Shuo Cheng Group’s spirit-Explore Never Ending

News 23 Nov 2020

Since its establishment in 2006, Shuo Cheng Group has been focusing on the in-depth innovation of electronic materials, adhering to the social mission of “leading the development of the industry and making the customer’s manufacturing process easier”. In 2017, the “Shuo Cheng Group Executives Going to Japan to Study” was held on June 6. Officially set sail on the 4th! Knock the door of foreign land, let us witness together!

First stop Daikin Industry Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1924, Daikin is a multinational company active in various fields of air conditioning, fluorochemicals, hydraulic equipment and special equipment. The executives of the Shuocheng Group invested in learning from company of world class for the first time and keep in mind the purpose of this study.

Second stop TSC factory (formerly known as Inoue Metal)

The third stop Toyota TPS course: We sincerely invite famous scholars who have a deep knowledge of Toyota's lean production.
How to increase corporate profits by eliminating waste and human costs.

The fourth stop is the Japanese Electronic Circuit Industry Exhibition (JPCA), which has been successfully held for 45 sessions.
The exhibition includes all products and technical services related to circuit manufacturing, development and research.

Fifth Station Waseda University Course
"System Thinking Method", "Supply Chain Management (SCM)"

The sixth stop: visit partner companies and have in-depth exchanges|blue protection tape

The six-day high-intensive course arrangement didn’t make figure of the senior executives exhausted. On the contrary, they were full of passion and enthusiasm. Saying goodbye to the discussions with scholars and experts, we welcome the exchange and thinking of internal knowledge, because they know themselves With the mission of society, we must work hard and dare not slacken our efforts!

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