Some knowledge about the selection method of duct tape

Some knowledge about the selection method of duct tape

News 05 Jul 2021

Duct tape winding is the most basic and most commonly used protection method for wire harnesses. According to the protection level of the wire harness, duct tape winding methods are divided into full winding, partial winding, and pattern winding. The wiring harness of the whole vehicle needs to be fixed and formed with duct tape. The tape has good corrosion resistance, oil stain resistance and insulation properties. In the wire harness, it has the functions of bundling, wear resistance, insulation, flame retardant, noise reduction, and marking. The more common ones are PVC tape, high temperature resistant PVC tape, polyester cloth duct tape, flannel duct tape, sponge tape and so on.

1. The performance meets the requirements, rather than far exceeding the requirements;

2. Try to use conventional duct tape and avoid using special tapes;

The type of duct tape used for the wiring harness in different positions is different

Adhesive tape for engine wiring harness and cabin wiring harness:

Polyester cloth duct tape is the preferred tape for engine wiring harnesses and engine room wiring harnesses. However, due to its relatively high price, it is usually only used on a part of the wiring harness. The high temperature 125℃ PVC duct tape can also meet the conventional requirements, but the price is still relatively expensive.

Duct tape for instrument board wiring harness and four-door wiring harness:

The working environment of the instrument panel wiring harness and the four-door wiring harness is relatively stable. The wrapping or fixing of the wiring harness can meet the requirements by using ordinary PVC duct tape. When the wiring harness and the hard material are in direct contact but the wiring harness part cannot be completely fixed, partial use Velvet duct tape, polyester cloth tape, felt tape, and sponge duct tape are used for buffering, shock absorption, sound absorption, and noise reduction.
Tape for floor wiring harness and ceiling wiring harness:

Duct tape for other wiring harnesses:

ABS and EPB wiring harnesses are safety components, and the working environment near the four wheel speed sensors is more complicated. Therefore, when choosing the duct tape, it is a reasonable choice to choose flannel tape or polyester cloth tape. Airbag wiring harness and seat belt wiring harness are a relatively special component. Generally, yellow PVC tape with high temperature resistance of 85℃ is used, and white PVC duct tape can be used for marking on the wiring harness.

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