Some tips on choosing duct tape

Some tips on choosing duct tape

News 23 Jun 2021

Since I bought the duct tape, I have summarized several suggestions that can reduce the idle rate and make the duct tape better.

duct tape

(1) Try to choose a brand or a well-known merchant as much as possible. This is to ensure quality. Although many duct tape seem to have good patterns and are super cheap, when you buy them, you will find that problems such as insufficient stickiness, color deviation, and uneven printing are one after another. I will collectively call such tapes "little trash". For large-brand tape products, at least there are experienced and fixed printing manufacturers. In order to ensure sales, they are generally printed in batches after proofing and confirmation, and the quality is more guaranteed.

(2) Find the self-use money of your favorite bloggers. If you are worried that the duct tape you bought will not work or is not good, you might as well look for those self-use money that your favorite bloggers have a higher rate of appearance. On the one hand, the blogger’s personal use explained that she first recognized this duct tape. In addition, the blogger’s self-use sharing can provide a lot of inspiration for use.

(3) Buy the style that is not prominent. If the style of a duct tape is too obvious, it is easy to be left unused.

(4) Buy more basic models, such as solid colors, grids and other basic models, not too individual, and the style is not obvious, just tear off a piece and paste it, especially friendly to novices.

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