Some tips on choosing pvc duct tape

Some tips on choosing pvc duct tape

News 23 Jun 2021

pvc duct tape or electrical insulating adhesive tape, is made of soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film as the base material and coated with rubber-type pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is suitable for insulation wrapping of wire and cable joints for voltages of 600V and below, motors, and electronics. Insulation protection of parts.

pvc duct tape

1 Convenient comparison method of pvc duct tape quality on site

1. Touch method: Lightly touch the adhesive surface of the tape with your hands and then quickly detach it. The sticky strength is good.

2. Double-drawing method: Repeatedly double-draw the rubber surface, it is strong and does not degummed, with good stickiness and good quality.

3. Stretching method: stretched by hand, the tape with the same thickness and width, with high force and long elongation length, is of good quality. The fragile ones are recycled materials with poor quality.

4. Simple test method for flame retardancy: After igniting the tape with a lighter, remove the lighter, and the burning length is less than 15cm as flame retardant.

5. Smell method: After unwinding the PVC duct tape, smell the smell of the tape. If the smell is strong (pungent) or smelly, it indicates that the quality of the tape is not good.

Various problems caused by inferior pvc duct tape:

Easy to warp edges; easy to degumming and overflowing; poor abrasion resistance; easy to age and cannot be used outdoors; poor viscosity.

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