Some tips on choosing the correct duct tape

Some tips on choosing the correct duct tape

News 05 Jul 2021

Duct tape is a very common product, but many people do not know what to pay attention to when choosing duct tape. The following are the things you need to pay attention to when choosing tape:

1. Smell the smell of the adhesive duct tape

It has a strong smell and a sour smell, the holding power of this kind of adhesive duct tape is very poor, especially in the low temperature environment, it will crack when it basically sticks to the carton, and the stronger the smell, the sticky hand feels. It is relatively sticky, but the adhesive surface will soon become dry and lose its adhesiveness. At that time, there are cracks on the surface of the adhesive tape. This is due to uneven glue application.

2. Look at the brightness of the adhesive tape film

Generally, the color of inferior adhesive duct tape film will be dark, this kind of adhesive tape has a very high probability of breaking, and its strength is poor.

3. Touch the thickness of the adhesive duct tape film

Adhesive tapes with a hard film are generally inferior, and the actual number of meters will be reduced due to the thickness of the film. The films selected for good adhesive tapes are relatively soft and have good stretchability by hand.

4. Look at the color of the adhesive duct tape

Generally, the whiter the appearance of the transparent adhesive tape and the less impurities in the adhesive tape, can the normal adhesiveness be guaranteed. The adhesive tape below 100 meters will have a certain degree of transparency after being placed for a few days, and the paper tube can be seen. For yellow adhesive tape, see if there are irregularly distributed white spots on the surface of the adhesive tape. What can't be wiped off by hand is the mark of impurities or dry glue. This kind of product usually has an odor.

5. Look at the paper tube of the adhesive duct tape

Adhesive tapes with thick paper tubes are generally used to mislead consumption. The production of adhesive tapes started from abroad. Therefore, the inner diameter of the paper tubes of the adhesive tapes is uniform 7.6 cm, but the inferior adhesive duct tape are in the paper tube. The thickness is a lot of work, and the cause of this situation is still related to many consumers. Many people think that the thicker the paper tube, the larger the outer ring, and the more the adhesive tape is rolled, it is always wrong.

6. Look at the tightness of the adhesive duct tape

In the process from semi-finished products to finished products, the adhesive tape is slit and wound with a machine, and there is a certain tension. If the tension is high, the adhesive duct tape will be wound tightly. The adhesive tape should be rolled neatly according to the convention. Such adhesive tape has no gaps and the degree of glue and air is small, which can extend the storage of the adhesive tape. Time limit and maximum retention of the adhesive force of the adhesive tape.

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