The stickiness of the duct tape is the result of a combination of multiple principles.

The stickiness of the duct tape is the result of a combination of multiple principles.

News 14 Apr 2021

Regardless of whether the substrate is plastic, paper or cloth, the adhesive force of the duct tape comes from the layer of adhesive on the surface of the substrate. The physical properties of the adhesive directly determine the adhesive force of the tape. Of course, there are many types of tapes, roughly divided into pressure-sensitive tapes, water-activated tapes, heat-sensitive tapes, etc. Among them, pressure-sensitive tapes are the most used in our lives. They do not need special treatment or activation, and only need to be pressed to a certain extent The adhesive effect can be achieved. The main problem is the pressure-sensitive adhesive of the duct tape, which is also called self-adhesive.

Pressure sensitive adhesive is a kind of polymer material with extremely high viscosity and certain elasticity, such as acrylate polymer, rubber, silicone rubber and so on. The adhesiveness of the tape is a strict physical process, divided into two steps of infiltration and adhesion, and the viscoelasticity of the polymer. It plays an important role here: First of all, the viscous adhesive has certain liquid properties, and the surface energy of the adhesive molecule is very low, which makes the adhesive can easily infiltrate the surface of the object, and the elasticity makes When pressed, the adhesive molecules can gather together instead of being squeezed aside; then, the adhesion process is the result of the cohesion and adhesion of the adhesive.

There are some duct tapes, the longer the sticking time, its adhesion will increase. This is because the adhesive needs a longer time to better wet the surface of the object and "flow" into the holes and grooves. In addition, some people think that the duct tape is just a tape coated with glue. This statement is completely wrong, because the glue is completely in the form of liquid, so as to achieve excellent wettability, and its cohesion and adhesion, It can only be manifested after it is air-dried. Moreover, glue bonding is an irreversible process. Once torn apart, it cannot be re-bonded; and during the entire cycle of duct tape bonding, the adhesive maintains viscoelasticity, which is a Partially reversible process.

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