What is the key technology of pvc duct tape coating production?

What is the key technology of pvc duct tape coating production?

News 23 Jun 2021

pvc duct tape is a new type of material made with PVC film as the base material. It has excellent electrical insulation, airtightness, abrasion resistance, flame resistance, acid and alkali chemical corrosion resistance, etc. It is widely used in packaging industry, construction industry, electronics industry, automobile and ship manufacturing and coal mining.

pvc duct tape

1. Composite coating method

pvc duct tape coating includes two coatings of top rubber and bottom rubber. The composite coating method proposed this time is a combination of top rubber comma scraper metering and primer anilox roll. Due to the high viscosity of the surface glue, high solid content and large amount of coating, the surface glue is coated with a comma knife coating method. When the surface glue is applied, the comma scraper is fixed and does not rotate, and the missing corner edge of the scraper is facing the tangent point of the coating roller or liner roller to scrape the passing coating to ensure uniform coating.

2 Drying system design

Since the temperature, evaporation rate and dissipation rate of the coated pvc duct tape during the drying process will continue to change, the temperature of the drying system needs to be zoned and controllable, that is, a unitary drying system is used to ensure that the temperature is maintained. Drying will not damage the physical structure of the paint.

3 Process flow and main operating parameters

After a lot of experimental research, the optimal coating process and the main operating parameters of the production line have been optimized.  The process can be simplified as unwinding→priming rubber processing→surface rubber processing→rewinding. The primer is to improve its bonding performance and can increase the bonding strength between the surface rubber and the base layer.

4 Production line operation

According to the nature of the pvc duct tape, different coating methods are innovatively selected for composite coating; at the same time, taking into account the temperature changes during the drying process, the segmented temperature control is adopted; and after a large number of experimental studies, the best is optimized Process flow and operating parameters. The practical production results show that the pvc duct tape coating production line has stable production operation, fast production speed and high coating accuracy.

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