Introduction to the use of high temperature tape

Introduction to the use of high temperature tape

News 16 Aug 2021

1. High temperature tape is mainly suitable for metal surface treatment of computer cases, cabinets and other metal surfaces to protect the surface of high temperature powder without spraying and baking paint;

2. At the same time, it is also suitable for shielding protection and insulation during high-temperature spraying of electronic products, automotive industry, coating and other products;

3. High temperature tape has a certain effect on the fixing of printed circuit boards, electronic parts, resistors and capacitors during the production and the shielding of the gold fingers during the PCB board impregnation process and preventing the immersion and pollution of the electroplating solution. The gold plating shielding protection of the printed circuit board has a certain effect;

4. Household appliances, machinery, electronics and other industries also need high-temperature coating and spray paint protection, high-temperature binding and fixing, high-temperature adhesive tape can solve these problems.

5. High temperature tape is sometimes used as a release paper joint, commonly known as connection tape.

6. It can be applied to the drum of sizing machine, thermoplastic demoulding and other industries. The high temperature tape can be used repeatedly and is easy to replace;

7. High temperature tapes are widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing and heat sealing, electronic and electrical industries;

8. Mainly used in the electronics industry. The temperature resistance is usually between 120° and 260°. The high temperature tape is often used for painting, baking varnish leather processing, coating masking and fixing in the manufacturing process of electronic parts, printed circuit boards and high temperature processing masks. .

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