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Guangdong Shuo Cheng Techology Co. Ltd.

Guangdong Shuo Cheng technology Co. Ltd. blongs to Shuo Cheng Group, which was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in chlor alkali industrial park of Ruyuan county, Shaoguan city, Guangdong province.
It covers an area of over 30,000 square meters landscape. Shuo Cheng Group is a large-scaled comprehensive group conglomerate integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on in-depth innovation in the field of adhesive products and solutions.
Shuo Chen’s R&D center consists of many staff having obtained doctor and master degrees from renowned university. There are also many industry experts and consultants all over the world being hired working at our industry-university-research laboratories routinely.PVC protection tape|high temperature tape|PVC electrical tape,PVC protection tape|high temperature tape|PVC electrical tape,PVC protection tape|high temperature tape|PVC electrical tape

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We build our factories in accordance with 5S standards, and have a complete production management system, professional staff, and our R&D teams come from large companies in Taiwan and Japan with rich experience in the development of tape series products.

R & D Capabilities

We can cooperate with customers to make the tape products they need, and meet customers' requirements for tape features from all aspects of physical properties, from analysis, procurement, proofing, improvement, qualification, mass production, there is an integrated services to customers' special customized requirements for products.

Steady Supply

Our factory has several coating production lines, which produce products of different specifications. We can produce adhesive products from low to high. In recent years, we will expand our production capacity to meet customer demand for delivery.

Considerate After-service

Our after-sales service is also excellent. Our strong sales and quality control team support Shuocheng to provide customers with considerate after-sales service and product quality assurance.

Eco-friendly and Safety

Our factory complies with strict construction safety standards, and the management strictly complies with the 5S standard requirements to eliminate even minor potential safety hazards. All our products also meet the requirements of the EU's RoHS1.0 requirements please rest assured to procure.


Guangdong Shuo Cheng Technology pursues long-term cooperation with customers to jointly develop incremental markets and stabilize stock markets. Through technological innovation, we can continuously improve new products that can keep meeting the needs of customers and the market, and form an offensive and defensive alliance with customers to achieve a state of sustainable development.


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Best construction Deals
R&D Team

R&D Team

Adhesive tape solutions are born from here. R&D center consists of staff having obtained PhDS and Masters. And several technology consultant used to serve in the renowned company in the adhesive industry domestically and overseas. R&D team is dedicated to meet the precise demands of our customers.
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Production Team

Production Team

Years of experience in producing adhesive tapes. Equipped with several coating lines, some of which are wrapped in clean room for production of high-cleanness level protection film. Production team is our strongest backing.
protection tape

Sale Team

Sale Team

We are looking for business partners all over the world. We take effort to meet customers’ demand based in local market. We guarantee steady quality and delivery time. Help our partner capture the market. 
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