VHB Tape

VHB Tape

Application 23 Nov 2020

white acrylic foam vhb tape

white acrylic foam vhb tape
VHB is abbreviated from very hard bond, which means extremely sticky adhesive. VHB acrylic tape is applied in multiple industrial areas, such as automobile industry, solar energy industry, elevator industry and home appliance industry etc. The main feature of VHB acrylic tape is to firmly bond objects together.

VHB acrylic tape’s features:
1.Effectively reduce the weight of adherend, replace screws, rivets, welding, and fix and seal at the same time.
2.Strong adhesion, no matter comes to a smooth plastic surface, a mirror like metal surface, a glass surface, or uneven walls, It can help you stick the objects very firmly.
3.It has an excellent caulking effect, isolates moisture, dust and chemicals.
4.Superior durability, weather resistance, anti vibration, anti aging and anti noise.
5.Anti UV, anti dissolution, can be adapted to the environment in the ultra-high temperature or ultra-low temperature. Tape in other substrate is not comparable to VHB acrylic tape.

VHB’s applications in industries:
1.Automobile industry: assembly and decoration of various automobiles, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, etc.
2.Solar photo-voltaic industry: solar photo-voltaic cell sealing and fixing, module fixing, assembly fixing and sealing, etc.
3.Elevator industry: bonding of reinforcing ribs, mirrors, decorative panels and other fixed parts.
Construction industry: glass curtain walls, door and window assembly, elevators etc. provide super adhesion and dust-proof sealing, and provide heat isolation, linking, strapping, waterproofing, repairing and sealing etc. for building construction.

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