What industries are high temperature resistant tapes also used in?

What industries are high temperature resistant tapes also used in?

News 11 Feb 2021

High temperature resistant tape not only has strong high temperature resistance, but also has good performance in other aspects. Therefore, the application field of high temperature resistant tape is very wide. It is not only used in high temperature environments, but also in other non-high temperature environments. So, what fields does it apply to?

1. Cement. When the cement is produced, high temperature resistant tape must be used, but at this time, the tape must be required to have great corrosion resistance. Because the cement itself is very corrosive, the biggest requirement for the tape is that it must be corrosive. Reach its strength.

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2. Packaging. In the packaging industry, the temperature requirements for the industrial environment are generally not high, but good sealing performance must be achieved. The biggest feature of high temperature resistant tape is its good sealing performance, so the packaging industry will often use it High temperature resistant tape.

3. Building sealing. For construction, in many cases, it is necessary to achieve good sealing performance. Not only is the tape required to have good sealing performance, but also the adaptability of the material. It is difficult for general tapes to be used on building materials. It is used, but the high temperature resistant tape can have a good performance in the adaptability of the material, so it is a good building material, not only its material adaptability is strong, but also when it is used, it can maintain a long Service life.

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