PU Hard Bond Reusable Double Sided Tape

PU Hard Bond Reusable Double Sided Tape

Features: Monkey grip tape can be pasted at will, repeatedly pasted for many times, and reusable.The larger the contact surface is, the stronger the adhesion will be. The adhesion would become weaker due to dust, the original adhesion to the object will be recovered after tape is washed and dried. The proper applicable temperature is -25℃-120℃. The adhesive is transparent and can be adjusted the color according to requirements.

Applications: Civil use: Non-marking hooks, non-slip mats, adhesive stickers(photo stickers, label stickers, photo frame stickers), handicraft production, toy pasting, gardening, culture walls, advertising folder paper pasting, VIP carpet pasting, other paste on kitchen utensils, hardware doors and windows, refrigerators, freezers and disinfection cabinets, etc. 

Industrial use: Portable game consoles, tablet protection and fixing, 3D mouse pad, temporary pasting credit card and advertising leaflets, cosmetics sets temporary fixing, book or magazine's attachments, color box fixing, exhibis fixing, wall covering attachments, exhibition layout, presswork attachment, gifts attachment, billboards fixing, cellphone holder fixing, monitor brackets fixation etc.

1. Applicable temperature ranges from -20℃ to 120 ℃
2.Recyclable, 20,000 uses in 3 years
3.Applicable material surface: Plastic, wood, leather, glass, aluminum alloy, ceramics, marble, metal, cement, paper, cloth etc.

Items Value
Thickness 0.3-3mm
Width 500-1000mm
Substrate PET
Adhesion Low-Midium-High(adjustable)
Adhesive substance PU
Applicable temperature -20℃-120℃
Life span 20,000 uses in 3 years
Horizontal tensil strength 10kg
Vertical tensile strength 2kg